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Construction Management

DPC New York offers a full range of construction management services, including: preplanning, master planning, estimating, budgeting, scheduling, construction, program management and owners rep services. Staffed with industry veterans we understand the difficulties and challenges of construction projects and have developed systems to manage them. With DPC New York as your construction manager you can complete your construction project on-time and within budget.

A Construction Manager

A construction manager is an extremely important part of a construction project. The CM works as an extension of the owner, an advocate sitting on the buyer’s side of the table. The fees a CM charges are set in advance with the owner and are not derived from the contractors or subcontractors. An expert in construction, the CM offers the extensive construction knowledge and management experience necessary t guide a project to a high quality completion, on time, at or below budget.

Advantages of Construction Management

  • Provides more continuous control of the project; you are an active team member and approve all critical decisions affecting cost and schedule.
  • Provides consistency and improves project coordination through both the design and construction phases.
  • Reduces the cost of the project.
  • Decreases the cost of the project.
  • Decreases the overall time required for planning and design.

Pre-Construction Services

DPC New York considers the PreConstruction and Planning phase to be of utmost importance to the execution of a successful project. It is during this phase that critical Planning, Scheduling, Budgeting, Value-Engineering and Quality decisions are made; decisions that will have significant impact upon construction and the final building project.

DPC New York’s CM team is able to energize and guide the pre-construction process by interfacing fully with the owner, architect, engineer and consultants for a genuine team effort and the foundation for a successful project. By facilitating the process of master planning and construction activities, DPC New York not only facilitates and speeds the process, but also creates a communication stream that provides the project team with accurate and timely information.


DPC New York’s Technical Services Team has the capability to provide comprehensive, detailed estimates throughout the entire design process, ensuring that the project falls within the established budget. Estimates are produced in-house for all trades including mechanical and electrical specialties, giving DPC New York greater control, especially during the earlier estimates (as we do not rely on outside subcontractor input for important cost information). The Technical Services Team utilizes a regional cost history database and computerized estimating system to assist in preparation of cost estimates. Cost estimates can be provided in any format, so that everyone, including non-technical people, can understand them. To aid in the understanding of the estimate, a narrative is provided which describes, in detail, exactly what is included.

PreConstruction Phase

Before any drawings or specifications are produced, DPC New York’s Technical Services Team inspects each site and evaluates the scope of work contemplated to confirm budgeting and scheduling assumptions. For each element of the work, suggestions are made identifying materials, construction duration and potential costs. Alternates, a “shopping list,” for each work element is proposed, so that decisions can be made early and the construction budget and schedule can be confirmed. In providing this service, DPC New York works very closely with the design group and the owner’ designated representatives.

Early Project Development Phase

This phase evaluates/defines design issues and delivers a preliminary specification for all building systems and enhancement of the drawings. Based on the schematic criteria DPC New York prepares quantity surveys and trade pricing. This updated budget enables the design team and DPC New York to track and assess the project as it is currently designed and to employ value-engineering techniques as required.

As the drawings and specifications become more developed with more additional detail, the quantities and pricing become more refined, allowing greater flexibility for the design team and DPC New York to control costs and implement value engineering suggestions. Construction methods and techniques are reviewed to minimize cost impact, if any, and to initiate preliminary discussions for subsequent bid packages.

Project Design Development

This phase evaluates/defines design issues and delivers a preliminary specification for all building systems and enhancement of drawings. Based on a schematic criteria DPC New York prepares quantity surveys and trade procing.

Construction Document Phase

The Construction Document phase will incorporate all value engineering studies, design changes and other suggestions in order to produce 100% specifications and drawings that are indicative of the project, as it exists to date. The verification of these documents is achieved by the solicitation of subcontractor proposals for all trades, as well as a complete cost estimate. During this phase DPC New York continues to refine phasing and logistics plans and construction schedules, develop the contracting method, and define specific contract packages. DPC New York’s final estimate includes an in-depth narrative that clearly defines project scope, the document list, defined assumptions, clarifications and allowances used, in addition to the general conditions and temporary facilities costs.

Value Engineering

Through years of hands-on construction experience, continuing research and development of new building products and techniques, value engineering and value management have become an integral component of all of the DPC New York’s Development and Construction services. Throughout the duration of every project, our technical specialists assess the design and construction planning to ensure improvement in quality and cost of client facilities.

Based on innovation and creativity, the value engineering process examines all building products, systems and program functions to determine viable alternatives as they relate to cost savings, constructability, life cycle costs, schedule impact, quality control and aesthetic merit. These alternatives and modifications are achieved without reducing functionality and original design intent and are tracked with establishment of a value-engineering log.

DPC New York’s value engineering process does more than simple cost cutting, which only lowers quality and or reduces scope. It seeks to improve the quality of a project while eliminating unnecessary costs. Our strength in value engineering is one of the significant factors in delivering the highest quality and most efficient construction projects.


DPC New York’s Construction Management Services are recognized for extensive planning capabilities and expertise in compiling complete construction execution pans for each project we work on. Our work plans take into consideration project objectives, budget, purchasing strategies, scheduling, materials handling, personnel access, temporary facilities and overall site logistics. Essentially, we plan the entire job at its beginning and most importantly, before construction.

More than anything else, DPC New York’s management practices recognize that planning is not a one time event, but rather continuous throughout each project. So, as part of the process, plans are updated as often as necessary.

The project schedule is a key component of the project plan. DPC New York’s schedule efforts ate very closed tied to the overall design completion. We have the experience to forecast project durations based on very early information. As the design progresses updates and provides more detailed information, ensuring completion of scheduled tasks.

Scheduling Management

Accurate scheduling of labor and materials deliveries may be the most critical cost control step taken for any project. DPC New York provides a Master CPM Schedule for both preconstruction and construction phases. We monitor and report on its progress and make recommendations to improve upon the schedule as documents and other information are developed, including the Master CPM Schedule time frames for submitting and approving shop drawings, samples and lead time requirements for materials and equipment.

The Master CPM Schedule is set-up in such a manner that those responsible for administering the schedule are able to monitor the progress and cost trend of the project. The information is used to make recommendation for implementing improvements. The preparation of the schedule is assigned to the Project Manager who consults with the Project Team for pertinent specialty experience.

Staff meeting are held throughout the Preconstruction Phase in order to formulate a detailed Master CPM Schedule that will accurately forecast the construction duration. This schedule is critical for a forecast of the total cost of the project. DPC New York utilizes the Primavera Scheduling System but can also provide schedules based on other specific programs or formats preferred by owners. The Decisions/issues Management System is linked to the scheduling system so progress and milestones are posted and tracked.